Tubs for pickling and souring

Tapered tub 5L

220.00 мм / 220.00 мм / 270.00 мм
2.50 кг
1000 грн.

Tapered tub 10L

280.00 мм / 280.00 мм / 350.00 мм
4.60 кг
1500 грн.

Tapered tub 20L

395.00 мм / 395.00 мм / 445.00 мм
7.50 кг
2200 грн.

Tapered tub 30L

365.00 мм / 365.00 мм / 480.00 мм
9.00 кг
2500 грн.

Tapered tub 50L

445.00 мм / 445.00 мм / 580.00 мм
10.00 кг
2800 грн.

Tapered tub 100L

530.00 мм / 530.00 мм / 700.00 мм
20.00 кг
4400 грн.

Tapered tub 200L

665.00 мм / 665.00 мм / 865.00 мм
33.00 кг
14000 грн.

The taste of pickles made in oak tubs is much better if compared with ones made in glass jars. Glass, metal or plastic containers cannot season pickles, tomatoes or cabbage with a unique taste or keep the cabbage white and crispy throughout the year. But what, in fact, is the difference between pickling in cooperage ware and pickling in the jar? First of all, it is about convenience. Tubs are compact and take up little space.

Having your own oak tub is prestigious. Not everyone can boast their own tub; but each and everyone will appreciate the high quality of our products. Cooperage products by TM "Cooperage Row" ensure your safety – you will never doubt the quality of the components and technologies. The products stored in tubs do not spoil and, at the same time, there is no negative impact on them.

If you haven’t used your tub for a long time, it does not mean that you have to throw it away. Just fill it with hot water and leave for several hours – the wood will swell, the dirt will come out, and the cracks will disappear. Now the tub can be used again. And what is more, the tub is a time saver as the process of pickling takes little time. In addition, you can stock up pickles for the whole winter just in one tub. If you have got a good cellar for storage, it is easy to buy oak tubs and enjoy tomatoes, cucumbers and mushrooms during wintertime.

Oak tubs for pickling have been used in the household for hundreds of years – people pickle mushrooms and vegetables, salt meat, bacon and fish, soak apples, pears and berries, keep bulk grains. Tubs serve as optimal containers for water storage. Our ancestors were the first to determine that oak is the best wood to be used for pickling. Oak wood flavors pickles and sauerkraut in an extraordinary way. The high quality of environmentally-friendly products, you can be absolutely sure of it, will become a source of pride for you and will surprise your guests. Oak wood has special preservative substances capable of neutralizing germs; and, besides, it pleasantly flavors the products stored in the tub and gives them a special unique aroma.

If you wish, we can decorate your tub with carvings or ornaments, as well as inscribe an intricate pattern or logo.

The hoops for our tubs are made of food stainless steel instead of typical iron. The tubs with the capacity over 20L are provided with handles for easy carrying. The lower part of the tubs are made in such a way as to ensure free circulation of air under the bottom of the tub to prevent rot and mold.

Sauerkraut, mushrooms, soaked apples, pears, peppers, watermelons, pickled cucumbers, tomatoes, salted bacon, meat, fish and lots of other products can be stored in oak tubs and you can enjoy their unforgettable taste not only at the festive table, but also during everyday meals.