About our products

All presented products are made from environmentally friendly English oak cooperage for traditional technologies. Oak - is a natural antiseptic that kills putrefaction bacteria and gives the drink a special flavor and taste, and oak - has a strong energy. Ideal for aging spirits distillates, to cleanse and give the drink a new flavor and color. Barrels are equipped with a stand of oak, oak and cork crane. On the outside of the barrel treated with beeswax, which gives it a pleasant shade and increases the service life and prevents discoloration when filled with liquid.

This is a unique gift that will please you, your family and friends more than one generation. A barrel of high quality oak make the rich and the rich taste of your favorite beverage. Oak wood makes the flavor and aroma of drinks, starters and pickles extraordinary. Due to the tannin wine and other drinks during exposure revealed in taste and become softer. Environmentally friendly products, as that you are quite sure will be a source of pride and pleasantly surprise gostey.Eto elegant gift and a great item dizayna.Na barrel, if you wish, you can cause an intricate pattern or logo. The inner surface of the barrels are fired varying intensity, depending on the beverage which is supposed to be stored therein.

For our hoops barrels instead of the usual iron used stainless steel. Optionally, the handle may be provided on the tubs. You can order a barrel, decorated with carvings or ornaments if desired.

Sauerkraut, mushrooms, pickled apples, pears, peppers, watermelon, pickles, tomatoes, bacon, meat, fish and water, kvass, wine, beer, cognac, brandy, whiskey, rum, vodka and many other products can be stored in oak cooperage and enjoy the unique taste not only for the holiday table, but also for everyday meals.