Barrel 30L

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  • 2500 грн.


All products are made of pedunculate oak growing in the ecologically clean regions of western Ukraine.

Girds on all products are made of food-grade stainless steel (08Х18Н10, AISI304).

Barrels with capacity of 15L can be completed with a carrying handle (9 euro additionally to the total price).

Internal surface of the barrel is processed for special beverage, external – by bee wax (by client’s wish - for free).

Warranty per each barrel is 1 year. Provided the barrel is used properly, it can be used for decades. Instructions included.

Delivery is 1 - 2 days throughout Ukraine. In case the chosen product is available the shipment is on the day of order, in case of customized manufacture - up to 14 days.

We can manufacture customized barrels with capacity less than 3L and over 1000L.