Sauna oak whisk bucket 10L to 30L with a lid

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  • 1500 грн.


The oak sauna whisk bucket is used in saunas to steam sauna switches. We offer a wide range of sauna whisk buckets with the capacity of 10L to 30L, and the form can be either round or oval. You can steam one to four switches at a time.

All products are made of pedunculate oak growing in the ecologically clean regions of western Ukraine.

All the hoops are made of food-grade stainless steel (08Х18Н10, AISI304).

We can make customized products of other capacity (at agreed price).

Sauna accessories are very beautiful and comfortable cooperage products, which will not only make your recreation and recovery perfectly comfortable, but also exquisitely complement the interior.

Oak wood has low heat conductivity, and so it is heated much more slowly than glass, metal or ceramic. Wooden pieces look much nicer and better suit the sauna interior. This creates an atmosphere of a true return to the ancient ritual.

Due to the used materials our products will retain their aesthetic appearance and durability for a long time, which is very important at permanent contact with water and frequent temperature extremes. We use only copper or brass rivets and galvanized self-tapping screws. This eliminates the appearance of rust on products. Wooden staves are connected with no adhesives, which ensure completely environmentally-friendly products.

All our utensils for saunas, as well as all the bath products are of the highest quality, environmentally friendly, natural, and will serve you for a long time!