Oak font

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A Font for is an indispensable attribute of a traditional sauna. Even in ancient times, our ancestors used wooden fonts for taking contrast baths contributing to strengthening of the body and health improvement. For many thousands of years oak fonts have been known for their healing and rejuvenating properties. Oak wood, like no other material, can transform ordinary water into "living water". That is why sauna and bath lovers appreciate oak fonts much higher than those made of other materials.

We can also make an alder font of any capacity and size. Alder fonts look more aesthetically pleasing, because, unlike oak fonts, they do not get dark after long-term use. We make fonts of any capacity – from individual (for one person) to six-seater (for a large family or company) fonts.

With long-term absence of moisture, the wood shrinks and the font can soon become leaky. It is enough to use the product at least once a week in order to avoid such problems. Our fonts are equipped with a mechanism meant for a tightening the staves using which your font will never leak, even when used irregularly. Keep sauna accessories filled with water and away from heat sources. This will keep the humidity of the internal surface of the products and, accordingly, the geometry of sauna accessories.

Due to the used materials our products will retain their aesthetic appearance and durability for a long time, which is very important at permanent contact with water and frequent temperature extremes. We use only copper or brass rivets and galvanized self-tapping screws. This eliminates the appearance of rust on products. Wooden staves are connected with no adhesives, which ensure completely environmentally-friendly products.

All products are made of pedunculate oak growing in the ecologically clean regions of western Ukraine

All the hoops are made of food-grade stainless steel (08Х18Н10, AISI304)

We can make customized products of other capacity (at agreed price)

All our utensils for saunas, as well as all the bath products are of the highest quality, environmentally friendly, natural, and will serve you for a long time!