Wooden barrel-shaped sauna

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  • 250000 грн.


The wooden barrel-shaped sauna is a complete mobile sauna which is effective and very easy to use! This kind of sauna is much cheaper than a fixed-site one; besides, it can be easily transported. Our barrel-shaped sauna has the best construction, is very comfortable and spacious. It is you who chooses the dimensions – we can make any configuration to your order. The sauna capacity can be up to 9 people.

Our barrel-shaped sauna has a dressing room where your friends, family and you will be able to sit and have some tea with honey before and between bathing.

A barrel-shaped sauna is bound with stainless steel hoops safely fixing the staves.

A barrel-shaped sauna, except for a wood-fired oven, a table, chairs and doors, is accomplished with all the necessary sauna accessories: a sauna bowl, a cold shower, a sauna whisk bucket for veniks, and a ladle to add water.

A barrel-shaped sauna is the best way to restore your health and to be always in good shape and good spirits.